Kids Kottage Foundation, Edmonton, AB

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Kids Kottage Foundation of Edmonton, Alberta offers a 24-hour support service to parents who need immediate support or respite when faced with a crisis.

To stop the threat of abuse and to minimize the stress these parents are facing, Kids Kottage offers to take the children for up to 72 hours. The children are kept safe at the Kottage while their parents, relieved of parenting responsibilities for a short time, identify and implement plans to solve or mitigate the issue of the crisis.

Parents in crisis who bring their children to the Kottage are met with support and encouragement.

They help parents develop a plan to cope with their current crisis situation. The staff help parents set achievable goals to keep them on track with their plan. This approach of goal setting and direct family support has proven effective since Kids Kottage first began. Less than 3% of parents and children who participate in the Kids Kottage program need government child protection intervention.

Programs offered are Crisis Nursery, FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder> Respite, Basic Shelf Food Security Program, and Follow-Up.

Kids Kottage Foundation does not just give help. They keep children safe and build stronger families.

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