Websites Losing Customers

Posted on | October 26, 2014 | Comments Off

Websites demanding my email address and other information before I can view products for sale must not want customers. I close these websites and will not buy any of their products. The season of splurging is coming upon us and I want to shop online. Granted when I order I have to give you my name and other information so I can pay for the product and have this sent to me and that should be enough for everyone.

If you are one of these websites with an in-my-face demand for my email address and not allowing access to the website unless your potential customer gives you the email address then you are losing customers. Many of your customers prefer to shop in the privacy of their home and enjoy looking at the pages of your products. How can this happen when you will not allow anyone to see these.

Zulily you have lost this customer and this team will not be back to your website. Zulily you do own this website and of course you can do with this what you will. Is losing customers worth that rude demanding in-your-face sign in form that must be obeyed and adhered to before just looking?


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