Salt or Sugar – Disturbing

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I had bought a container of iodized table salt and after arriving home I felt an urge to check the ingredients. Dextrose is listed – my mind went HUH? and I almost dropped the salt container. When did this happen? When did salt become sugarized? The next day I went to large grocery store and checked the ingredients on the various salts, the only ones without additives and sugar were Kosher salt and grinders containing sea salt. I purchased a salt grinder with one ingredient in it – sea salt. This salt has to be ground as it is coarse like Kosher salt but does not have all the sugar products and other chemicals added. I very seldom use salt and only add it when cooking. Kosher salt is always in my kitchen but not something I put on my table. But, given the time of the year there will be visitors in and out and many enjoy salt. Wanting my guests to be able to reach for the salt shaker when they felt the urge to do so started me on my trip to the store to buy table salt.

What is Dextrose?
According to the website

Dextrose is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in the body and is the body’s main source of energy. This sweet substance does wonders for the body when used in moderation.

What Side Effects May I Experience?
Some people have reported allergic reactions to dextrose. Be sure to contact your doctor if you experience the following symptoms:
swelling of your appendages
trouble breathing

Dextrose is also known as:
grape sugar
blood sugar

How many unsuspecting diabetics enjoy table salt on their food. I think many do not realize they are sprinkling sugar on their food along with the salt. I know there are diabetics who do not realize this and sprinkle salt/sugar mixture on their food.

There are those who want to cut back their intake of sugar and they cut out pop, chocolate bars and other food products and if they see this they will know they are most likely getting sugar from their salt intake.

Salt is added as a seasoning to meat, pasta, vegetables, and almost everything we make. Many styles of potato chips have salt and sugar added. Do the companies realize they are adding extra sugar through salt? What are we really getting, salt or sugar?

Look at your salt containers and do a search on the ingredients. Does your body need those extra things? Maybe these ingredients are the reason many people have a reaction to salt such an increased blood pressure and it is not the salt to blame.

My head is out of the sand! I can now offer my guests the choice of a pure salt. In closing I will say UGHHHHH!


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