Websites Losing Customers

Websites demanding my email address and other information before I can view products for sale must not want customers. I close these websites and will not buy any of their products. The season of splurging is coming upon us and I want to shop online. Granted when I order I have to give you my […]

COBS Bread

COBS Bread first opened its doors in Vancouver, BC in 2003 with the goal of bringing high quality, freshly baked bread to Canadians. Since 2003, COBS Bread has stayed true to its commitment to only bake and sell fresh bread each and every day. Because they are serious about the taste and health benefits freshly […]

Manitobah Mukluks – CDN Company

The following has been copied from website . A Canadian founded company with growing global affiliations. Mukluks and moccasins are incredible footwear, sexy, sits on the foot in an attractive manner, and can tell a story from the creator/author’s experience. Global Growth. Local Commitment. Dear Friends: Manitobah is a true Canadian success story. At […]

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