Want to Travel to Mars?

Applicants wanted for a one-way ticket to Mars By Melissa Hogenboom BBC News Dutch organisation Mars One will open applications for a one-way trip to Mars. The company hopes to build a community of settlers on the planet. Uncharted waters, mountains or far away lands have always drawn explorers. History books show that desire for […]

SETI@home | Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

SETI @ home | Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Today CdnMarketSquare.com received this newsletter. CdnMarketSquare has an account with SETI@home and this application is run on a computer constantly. I am posting this in its entirety. Newsletter From SETI*home ————————————————————– Dear CdnMarketSquare.com: We need your help to continue the search for extraterrestrialintelligence! For the last eleven […]

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