Did Hell Freeze Over?

Posted on | May 6, 2015 | Comments Off

I have heard it said that hell would freeze over before the NDP won Alberta. Did that just happen?

Last night as the announcements were being made of the NDP win in the energy basket of Canada there were reports of snow. Today it is snowing in Alberta.

On the other hand who cares what form the moisture comes in as long as it is here and a big surprise is that it came with an NDP blizzard.

Are there PCs in Alberta frozen with shock? Are they stunned to suddenly and so abruptly have the province they controlled for over four decades swept away?

The rest of Canada will watch as this new energy changes the province of Alberta.

Jim Prentice PC, Rachel Notley NDP, and Brian Jean WRP gave excellent speeches last night. Prentice resigned, Notley accepted the win for ‘we’, and Jean accepted position as leader of the official opposition party.

How is the province doing today? Fine, still where it was yesterday on the map of the world. Business will go on, people will move forward and for many it will mean no changes.

Clear Concept Inc offers productivity training

Posted on | March 24, 2015 | Comments Off

Clear Concept provides world-class training to corporate executives and professionals across industries. Recent clients include several top law firms, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, AstraZeneca, Staples and Queen’s School of Business.

Their programs are designed to help smart, hard-working people achieve that added-edge. They offer keynote addresses, workshops, individual consulting, online training and assessment tools.

The team is comprised of:

  • Anna Gomez is productivity consultant and the president of Clear Concept Inc
  • Dennis Ford is a senior leader
  • Susan is a Productivity Specialist and Professional Organizer
  • Kareena Rego is a senior leader

For further information visit the Clear Concept Website

Security Threats Online

Posted on | December 8, 2014 | Comments Off

This is a list of recent multiple attempts to login to websites and servers from unauthorized IP’s. Within minutes of a server being activated on the internet this security threat begins. Logs are available to support these allegations.
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